Sunday, August 19, 2012

Cover illo for Johnny Graphic and the Etheric Bomb

I had the pleasure of working on a cover for a novel (first in a trilogy) by writer D.R. Martin. I could explain it, but I thought it would be better to use his words:

"All that Johnny Graphic ever wanted was to be a star news photographer. But the story that puts the twelve-year-old and his big sister on the front page could well come with a horrible headline: BOY LENSMAN MURDERED BY GHOSTS!

The year is 1935 and in Johnny’s world spooks are very, very real. Most wraiths are friendly to the living. Some of them even have jobs. But a few ancient ghost assassins are on the warpath, out to kill Johnny’s sister Melanie—for reasons the kids don’t even begin to understand.

The two siblings have to unravel a deadly ghost conspiracy that reaches around the globe and threatens the lives of millions. Or die trying!"

You can purchase the book as an ebook and other formats here.

And for those in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, the paperback will be available at the Red Balloon bookstore on Grand Av., and Magers & Quinn in Uptown.

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