Tuesday, April 29, 2014

More "May the 4th" goodness, this time from Acme Archives screen prints

I worked with Acme Archives and their Dark Ink Art site, which specializes in limited edition screen prints, to create a couple of vintage inspired beverage ads. And just in time for "May the 4th" (be with you). The prints aren't available until Sunday, May 4th @ 1:00pm PDT so mark your calendar.

I'm honored to be among such great artists such as Mark Englert, Dave Perillo, Masey, Ian Glaubinger, Amy Mebberson, and Tim Anderson.

The "Rebel Cola" is 24" by 12" and a run of 250. $50 each.
The "Dark Side Blend" is 18" by 24" and a run of 250. $50 each.

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