Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Darth Vader screen print giveaway!

I'm starting a monthly giveaway (for a year). To kick things off, I'm giving away one of these limited edition screen prints that are also available through Size is 18 by 24 inches.

For the first giveaway, I'm going through Facebook. Others will probably go through Twitter or a combination of the two. So, seeing as this is the first giveaway, I'll apologize now for any glitches that may occur.

To enter, click on the image or go directly to my Facebook page. You'll have to "Like" the page in order to reveal the entry form (sneaky, I know). All I'm asking is your name and email address so I can notify you when you win.

As an added bonus, you get extra points for inviting friends to enter. For instance, if one of your friends you invite enters as well, it will be as if you entered twice.

I'll try to do these giveaways towards the first of the month. Check back to see what's up next. Or subscribe for updates by entering your email in the spot on the right.

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