Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Office Propaganda posters - finally got around to them

These posters are something I've wanted to do for a while. I just haven't had a lot of time lately. But I finally got around to doing a few. I went ultra minimalistic (for me anyway) and kept the colour palette down.

They are perfect for your office walls, especially if you have an office manager with a sense of humour. Or decorate your cubicle with one or more of them. I'd say they even work in a home office. Need a new mouse pad? Grab one of these to remind yourself not to tweet what you had for lunch, while at work.

As always, they are available for print (at many sizes) at Zazzle.com/stevethomas. Or click on the image to take you directly to that print.

(Disclaimer: They are all in fun and though it may sound like I have a gripe with a few of the issues I've tackled, I don't. But some might.)

[Post this in cubicles or on the office wall]
That urge to check your Facebook page or send out a tweet can be very hard to suppress, especially when you have a few spare minutes in front of your computer at work. But each of those wall posts and tweets have a time peg so watch out. Or just do what the poster says (small print at bottom, "Unless it's part of your job description.")

[Post this above the water cooler]
Sure it's fun and exciting to hear about who hooked up with who at the last office party, or whether someone will get canned over a nasty company-wide email, but it can also hurt. So remember, if you don't want to hear it just walk away and if you do hear it, please don't repeat. (can you see the two larger faces? hint: they are profiles).

[Post this in cubicles or the office wall]
No one wants to be responsible for letting spyware into the company's computer system or setting a virus loose on the network, so don't open those attachments. Let your IT team take care of any downloads you think you need.

[Post this in the restrooms]
Do everyone a favour, when you use the restroom wash your hands afterward. And if you have to come in to work when you are feeling under the weather, wash up frequently, cough/sneeze into your elbow and avoid handshakes where possible.

[Post this in the breakroom or cafeteria]
It's simple. Pick up after yourself. I'm sure you have to do it at home so why stop at work. Plus it helps the cleaning staff.

Now, for some, the red might be a bit much. So, luckily, the posters are available in this nice, calm blue tone:

And if you noticed that little circle at the bottom of each poster, this is what it looks like large. I made a tshirt out of it. You can choose your colour tee and that colour will replace the red in this image.


  1. Have you thought about a second version of the all-seeing "eye" only replacing Management with Human Resources?

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  2. Hi Koneko,

    I hadn't thought of it, but that's a good idea and and easy change.

    The "Avoid Viruses" poster as a version of the "eye" that says Your IT Team instead of management.

  3. i like the twitter. ^-^

  4. Your all posters are appreciable,each poster have different meaning which convey useful message...great job

  5. Its really amazing that you can choose your color tee and that color will replace the red in this image.

  6. I am a regualar visitor of your site.And i appreciate all your posters.....amazing great job!!!!

  7. super. Now if only i worked in an office...

  8. this is awesome.. Inspiring indeed

  9. The "Wash your hands"-poster also looks really well in my toilet at home ;)

  10. AWESOME!!! do you have 1 for the company washroom.... seems every guy in this office has no idea how to get it in the toilet?!

  11. Holy smokes. I just came across your AMAZING blog through the Sundance Channel - I love your work! These propagandist posters are just fantastic - I happen to love the red! :D

  12. awesome! are they also available as a digital version to buy?

  13. I think its really good that each of those wall posts and tweets have a time peg so watch out.

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  15. Nice posters !! I like it, To draw out troublemakers.Please report to Central Security immediately.

  16. Haha! The last one made me remember the "In Soviet Russia" jokes around the net! On the other hand, these posters might have the propaganda look to them. But they also give a humorous touch to serious office protocols.

  17. Very nice posters ! I wish I could put them at my office :)

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