Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Thunderbirds Are Go! Prints now available

Perhaps it's because I have British parents and we visited relatives in the UK growing up, but I was exposed to the Thunderbirds at an early age. Of course the shows I saw were re-runs, but that didn't matter. I thought they were pretty cool. There was even a live action movie made not too long ago (I haven't seen it).

ArtYouGrewUpWith asked me to come up with a few posters to showcase this trip down memory lane. This poster is the first. I admit I took some liberties with how the vehicles fly (4 is an underwater vehicle, if you look closely you can see bubbles around it). They also have others available by other artists.

The print is in an edition of 95, Giclee on paper. They each come signed, numbered and with a certificate of authenticity.